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A meme on the nanowrimo forum, as accidentally created by a spambot.


It was a dark time for NaNoLand. Plagued by the evil Darth Spambot and his army of Spam Troopers, the NaNo Resistance fought to restore order to the galaxy.

The brave and valiant moderators Heather Skywalker (Heather Dudley) and Rob Solo (Rob Diaz) struck down many Spam Troopers with the power of the Mod Force. As they vanquished one such Spam Trooper, its dying words were "why i am blocked sir."

This became the motto of NaNoLand.

(Translation: A ton of spam threads were created, some users reported them, the mods took them down, and a spambot responded with "why i am blocked sir." It is now the unofficial meme of NaNoWriMo YWP.)

Further Explanation

The phrase 'why i am blocked sir' is a NaNoWriMo YWP meme, originating from a complaint made by a spambot. It first appeared in a screenshot posted by moderator Heather Dudley, and was promptly adopted as a new meme on the site. The term is believed to be an attempt at the phrase 'Why am I blocked, sir?


Cat memes and other memes that have been created.

External Links

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Unfortunately, neither of these links work because of the new website erasing all old threads on the forum. Whoops.

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