BIO a mysterious creature, this one. He honeslty belives he's the Joker so don't be so serious about it. Also a forum stalker for awhile the only known facts about this one is that he feeds off dead memes and speaks in a mysterious language called sarcasm...He may also be addicted to Roleplaying but he's sensitve about that..

Famous for

Being one of the many weirdoes on Nano that the only thing preventing him from becoming a weaboo, cancer-meme loving, Flat earther is his parents. So basically he's famous for hanging out on the internet too much. Wait that's boring...errr...He's famous for being a pretty intresting character since he's basically always in roleplay mode considering his username is the JOker.

Important stuff

*Crickets chirp*


None, he don't give a Shipment of dust for anything.


1 don't ask how it happened it just osmehow did and he's glad. He also has a ton of friends and happens to know the coolest skeleton, the spiciest person, groot, a Magistrate, a couple cats, and an ice queen.


Drinking bleach, eating pods, Memes, and creating unoriginal joke posts that are self-aware and hold no comedic value.

Dreams and aspirations

To become somewhat funny. See look know he's vulnerable hahahaha

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