About The (Really Cruddy) Defenders of Equestria Edit

The (Really Cruddy) Defenders of Equestria is a NaNo Comic (the NaNoWriMo equivalent of a webcomic) created by ChristianPegasister.

As of the time of this writing, it has reached over 60 pages.

It follows the young unicorn Starlight Glimmer, student of Twilight Sparkle, as she goes on a quest to become a princess and makes some friends along the way.

Characters Edit

Starlight Glimmer Edit

The main character. Talented at magic. Used to be evil, though, making it hard to befriend anypony.

Trixie Edit

Starlight's best friend. Wishes she was talented at magic. Swears a lot when upset.

Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon Edit

The recurring villain. Wants to bring about eternal night.

Sand Dune Edit

A grumpy Unicorn who hates life and the universe.

Gary Oak Edit

A young Pegasus stallion who dislikes it when Trixie swears. Dating Ash Ketchum. For other info, see the Pokémon wiki.

Ash Ketchum Edit

A young Pegasus stallion who likes to quote Fall Out Boy songs in the middle of desperate situations. Dating Gary Oak. For other info, see the Pokémon wiki.

Flora Edit

Some kind of Earth pony goddess of spring. Has the power to spread flowers and plants wherever her hooves land. One of the Four Seasons, the ancient guardians of the kingdom.

Winter Moonlight Edit

Some kind of batpony-unicorn goddess of winter. Also a member of the Four Seasons. Has powers of ice and snow.

Autumn Foliage Edit

Four Seasons for da win. Brings wind and bright colors of fall.

Sunbeam Scorch Edit

Moar Four Seasons. Has the powers of the fiery sun.

Blue Edit

she so sneaky

Twilight Sparkle Edit

Starlight's mentor.

Princess Celestia Edit

Ruler of Equestria. Suffers from chronic boredom.


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