About Sparks

Sparks is a crass raccoon and Nano contributor since 2009. He has participated in/founded/otherwise lurks around the successful threads Sir, I Am Being Hunted, The Manipulators, Unsent Letters, The Alliance of Non-Religious People, Religious and Non-religious People Ask Each Other Questions, NanoLegends: Celebrating the YWP's Landmark Threads, Shout Random Song Lyrics, and Bob: A Strange and Pointless Game.

The Life History of Sparks

Heh. Had you there.

Random Facts About Sparks

  • Sparks is not straight
  • Sparks is non-religious
  • Sparks' favorite color is teal
  • Sparks has contempt for Tumblr
  • Sparks has a job so he can make it rain with all his homies in the club
  • Sparks favorite TV show is 24
  • Sparks' favorite author is Clive Cussler
  • Sparks is libertarian
  • Sparks hates the Internet

What Does Sparks Write About

Life, Death, and Taxes.

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