Archive of all the shippings (romantic pairings of fictional characters) that NaNo YWP users have Edit

This page exists to help keep track of the ships that users ship and to help you find someone who ships your ship. Wow, that sentence was odd.

Some NaNoers have "anti-ships/NoTPs" (things they don't ship), while (usually the same) some NaNoers get really carried away with Shipping.

ChristianPegasister's ships Edit

MLP ships Edit

Flash Sentry x Twilight Sparkle

Rarity x Fashion Plate

Starlight Glimmer x Sunburst

Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich

Applejack x Flim

Rainbow Dash x Soarin

Fluttershy x Discord

Spike x Ember

Princess Luna x Loki (from Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Princess Celestia x Garble

Princess Flurry Heart x Pound Cake

Pokémon manga ships Edit

Green Oak [male] x Red (supreme OTP, nothing in any fandom has ever beat this ship's greatness for her)

Yellow x Lance

Blue x Celio

Blue x Koga

Blue x Sabrina

Blue x Yellow

Gold x Silver

Crystal x Eusine

Ruby x Sapphire

Misty x Brock

Red's Venusaur x Green's Charizard

Pokémon anime ships Edit

Gary x Ash

Jessie x James

Misty x Brock

Ever After High ships Edit

Jillian Beanstalk x Humphrey Dumpty (literal EAH OTP)

Cerise Hood x Daring Charming

Rosabella Beauty x Daring Charming

Courtly Jester x Alistair Wonderland

Raven Queen x Dexter Charming

CA Cupid x Hopper Croakington

Darling Charming x Apple White (sorry but her kiss did wake her in canon??)

Diz the Dizzy's ships Edit

Cleopatra in Space ships Edit

Brian x Akila (possible OTP)

Cleo x Anthony

Zaid x Kayte

Fraggle Rock ships Edit

Boober x Mokey (Possible OTP)

Red x Gobo

Wembley x Lou

Storyteller x Traveling Matt

Diz really is a bad Fangirl.

CentaurCat's ships Edit

Les Mis ships Edit

Cosette x Eponine (OTP)



Azelma x Montparnasse


Harry Potter ships Edit

Hermione x Ginny (OTP)





Hamilton ships Edit

Angelica x Maria Reynolds (OTP)

Eliza x Happiness

Hamilton x Lafayette

Burr x Tjeffs

In The Heights ships Edit

Vanessa x Nina

Benny x Usnavi

Sonny x Nina

The Hunger Games ships Edit

Clovniss (OTP)

Joniss (platonic)

Galeniss (platonic)

Finnick x Annie

Gale x Peeta

Effie x Cinna


Wow, Centaur has way too many fandoms.

KatsandKittens' Ships Edit

Marvel Cinematic Universe Edit

Thor x Jane

Darcy x Any of the Warriors Three or Sif in really any combination

Either Sam x Helen Cho or Sam x Bucky (Not together though)

Clint x Laura (OTP)

Natasha x Bruce

(Prior to Civil War) Tony/Pepper

Harry Potter Edit

Harry x Ginny

Hermione x Ron

Luna x Neville (OTP)

Hunger Games Edit

Finnick x Annie

Katniss x Peeta

Kat's basically a canon shipper really. Except for Luneville.

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