Purrfectgirl (Purr)

Purrfectgirl has never used wikia before, so forgive her for her crummy page.

Purrfectgirl joined NaNoWriMo YWP November 10, 2012. She enjoys reading several series including Harry Potter, Fablehaven, The Mazerunner series, The Mortality Doctrine series, The Unwanteds series, and more. She rarely watches TV, but when she does, she likes to watch The Twilight Zone and Gravity Falls.

NaNo Family

Purrfectgirl had a NaNo family at one point, but apparently she never wrote it down anywhere and has now forgotten who they all were.

She does remember that Rosamind (Rosa) is her NaNo Sister.

Life Outside of NaNo

Purrfectgirl homeschools and is very happy about it. Homeschooling gives her time to do things she enjoys like drawing, reading, and of course, writing. Purrfectgirl has a German Shepherd and hopes to get a cockatiel eventually.


- Purrfectgirl loves Nutella

- Purrfectgirl has two sisters

- Purrfectgirl's nickname is Purr

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