Elise K. Hains is known online (in various places) as Neo, MatrixGage, androidEthics, and CypherCanvas. She is, oddly enough, an ISTJ, even though she's a dreamy, disorganized artist. This leads to much inner conflict and classic teenage angst. She has attention deficit disorder, which is why she's easier to talk to online. (Hey look, a butterfly! Sorry, could you repeat the last ten minutes of what you just said?) She is often mistaken for a boy, because her profile picture depicts Phineas Gage, a very interesting neuroscience case. (Google it!)

She has written her whole life, and has a deep love for action movies, even though in other aspects she can be quite feminine. She loves neuroscience, and likes making case studies on her small circle of friends. Currently, she's studying synesthesia, a current object of interest that is present in three of her friends.

She is totally single, and a bit too weird to properly socially interact, so she'll probably stay that way for a looooong time.

Known for:

Loving The Matrix and other weird books/movies that twist your mind. She's also known for liking neuroscience and science fiction, and she's slowly becoming known as an ACTUAL FEMALE, not just assumed to be a male. XD

Random facts:

  • Strong dislike of watermelon, cheesecake, and any sweet food with lemon in it.
  • Loves schnitzel dearly and is very distressed by the fact that you can only get good schnitzel in Germany. America needs to learn how to make good ziegunerschnitzel, especially. It's the best food in existence.
  • Very very nerdy, and a big Trekkie.
  • Lonely, so talks to her characters a lot.
  • Really annoyed with the misconception that ADD and ADHD are the same thing. THEY'RE NOT.
  • Does digital painting and traditional pencil portraits for fun.
  • Has trouble finishing books. XD
  • Favorite color is dark cedar green.
  • Favorite noveling music is Beck.
  • Is a Christian.
  • Plays the viola.
  • Likes Downton Abbey a lot, and still loves Thomas, because she's weird that way.
  • Will probably either go into graphic design or neuroscience for a career. OR MAYBE BOTH. 0.o
  • Is surprised that you've read all this way.
  • 42!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay bye.
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