Welcome NaNoWriMo Wikia 2.0

Created in homage to the original NaNoWriMo YWP (National Novel Writing Month Young Writers Program) wikia, the YWP wikia 2.0 was created as a database of all YWP lore and history from 2015 onward, to be looked back on by future generations of NaNoers.

Updated NanoWrimo Wikia:

Important Articles

How the wikia got its name is a good place to start if you're confused about it, which you should be.

The origin story for this wikia. Includes details about a brave war, and cat memes.

Understand what all the acronyms mean so that you can use them in everyday conversation.


These are the people that contribute to this Wikia in some way. This list will be updated a lot, hopefully!

Their sophisticated and lovely designations are:

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