Mintywriter (Or Minty, if you prefer) is a NaNoer who will most likely always consider herself as somewhere between a Newbie and one of those regular people. Even when she's 18 and leaving the site.

Common Facts and Habits

  • Minty migrates around NaNo like a dragon (or duck) but has been the most on threads such as LWLOF, NaNoTV (when it was still active), the Asterisk game, and occasionally SLOW.
  • Minty co-owns/owns some art shops. This means that she makes signatures, though if they're good or not is debatable.
  • Minty loves joining new RPs. But only if they haven't started yet. And only if she thinks she'd actually enjoy them. This makes her join very few RPs. She also stinks very badly at Roleplaying, and thus fails whenever she actually joins a Roleplay. She can most commonly be found on Warriors roleplays.
  • She is extremely bad at finding interesting things to say about herself.

Less Commonly Known Facts

  • Though most (okay, basically all) people call her Minty (which she likes), she occasionally asks people to think up other Nicknames for her. This has only been fruitful once, when Luna dubbed her as Puff the Magic Chicken.
  • There was a brief period around 2012 when she joined, in which Minty was on the forums. Fortunately, this was only long enough for her to embarrass herself several times (instead of several million) before she left and didn't come back until she stopped being so incredibly stupid and immature (which was probably about 2014).
  • Although Minty is on the forums year-round, she tends to only write every November and occasionally in the Camp months. If you see her, please yell at her to actually write something for once. She needs the encouragement.

Fandoms (Or, things she was once extremely obsessed with, but is not quite as much at the moment but would still love to talk to you about)

There are many things that Minty once loved, but does not quite as much anymore. And there are quite a few things which she still likes but need another spark to ignite the burning blaze which makes something a real fandom. Here is a short list (with the slightly more recent on top (because those are the ones she actually remembers)):

  • My Little Pony
  • Doctor Who
  • Keeper of the Lost Cities
  • The Hunger Games
  • Fablehaven
  • Harry Potter
  • Pysch
  • All the other ones which she can't remember at the moment.
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