Okay, so I'm not positive how to do this, so... yeah.

Anyway, I am what I call an early veteran of NaNo. It's a term I made up myself for someone who joined not to long ago but is on so much that they know almost the entire site. My username is joannarenee. 

I would say that I am extremely active on NaNo. As in, at least three hours of my day. I am part of and have written many roleplays, play many of the small game things, and am an active member of TOREP. I am really good friends with ChristianPegasister and zoeahn, who are my two bestest friends on there.

My novel is called the World of Shadows, and my pen name is Renee Hawson (Renee is pronounced Ra-nay, if you're curious. It's French.) It is pretty awful and needs tons of editing, but it's the first novel I got any good progress on and so I refuse to give up on it.

I don't know what else to put here. So...yeah. Um, that's it. If you're still reading, I would like to ask why. I said I was done. And yet I'm still typing. Maybe you would stop reading this if I stopped writing? Probably, since there would be nothing else to read, but my fingers don't seem to won't to stop typing. So I'm still going. FINGERS! STOP TYPING! They aren't listening. Um, so you just read about me having an argument with my fingers for typing said argument. If you're trying to figure out what NaNo is like, this is par for the course. Almost every single corner is weird. The parts I inhabit more then others. What shape would NaNo be anyway? If every corner of it is weird, then there would have to be quite a few corners. Would it be one for every forum, one for every thread, or one for every post? If it was anything but forum, then that would be a shape made entirely of corners. What would that look like?

Welp, this went on for much longer then I thought. I think my fingers will cooperate now. So now this is over. Hopefully.

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