CP's new site username Edit

On the revamped site, CP is known as Shiny_Vaporeon. Feel free to talk to her.

About CP and her odd NaNolife Edit

CP is a Pokémon-training pony princess Ever After High student travelling in the TARDIS (and sometimes the USS Enterprise) to a galaxy far, far away NaNoWriMo YWP user who joined on the 29th of October, 2015. Since then she had become slightly NaNo-famous. But not as much as others. Like Glomp, Warp, and the long-gone Stella and Bean (BEEEEAAAAAN!!!).

She is rather well known for choosing a fandom (i.e. Glitter Force, Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pokémon, etc.) and obsessing over it for a while before randomly letting it drop (not always entirely... but often entirely). Users such as Diz the Dizzy, GiGi Babineaux, and JellyfishFan can vouch for this.

She writes many fanfictions, but never finishes them. This could be annoying sometimes, actually. That and how she screams "GO LISTEN TO IT NOW!!!!" when people say they've never heard songs by Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, or OneRepublic.

speaking of such, if you have not read Pokémon Special, go do that and then PM CP and tell her how much you ship Red and Green Oak

Hobbies Edit

CP enjoys writing (duuuuuh), drawing, shipping, and talking to her NaNo Twin. Which brings us to...

NaNo Family Edit

CP's NaNo Sisters are zoeahn, Sweet Pony 146, Sparkles, and joannarenee. All of whom are wonderful. And her exceedingly fabulous NaNo Twin is JellyfishFan.

She also technically has a second NaNo Twin by the name of emilymcree, who is a fellow MLP fan but hasn't been seen in a long time.

Trivia Edit

-Her OTP is OriginalShipping, otherwise known as the ship of Red and Green (the dude, not the girl) in Pokémon Special

-She is a member of TOREP

-She founded the Siri Takes Over RP, which has survived for thousands of posts

-She owns 16 volumes of Pokémon Special and 103 My Little Pony figures (not counting the non-3-inch ones)

-She also owns the Pokémon Special artbook, which she ordered off eBay from Japan

-She is the creator of the NaNo Comic entitled The (Really Cruddy) Defenders of Equestria which has, as of July 2016, reached over 60 pages

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