Centaur is a preteen Young Writer who just joined NaNo this year. She considers herself an early veteran.

She spends lots of time on the forums playing useless games or being weird with her friends on threads. Her favorite threads are the Unsent Letters thread, the Les Mis thread, and the QUILTBAG thread. She also likes making RPs and sigs for people.

Pretty much everyone has talked to her at least once, since she loves to talk to people. Anyone who wants to talk to her can PM.

Famous for:

Centaur is going to be the first gay president, as assisted her campaign assistant Fish. This joke happened because of like ten posts of presidential inauguration speeches.

She is the founder of the NaNo revolution, (which died down) and led it with GiGi Babineaux.

She is also probably GOING to be famous soon for the NaNo Times, her newspaper.

Favorite things

  • The Hunger Games
  • Clovniss fluff
  • Pokemon Go
  • Rain
  • Chocolate
  • Birdy (the singer)
  • Preppy clothes
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