About Calliope Abroad Edit

Calliope Abroad is a NaNo Comic (the NaNoWrimo equivelent of a webcomic) created by Diz the Dizzy.

It stars the character Calliope, summoned by the gods to go to Earth and look for a set of magical crystals. She meets a goddess named Wala who controls the Australian sun, and the two go on adventures together.

However, the comic only lasted a few pages due to Diz having a mysterious thing known as a life.

The future of Calliope Abroad Edit

Diz has entrusted ChristianPegasister and Sockrocks, both creators of other NaNo Comics by the titles of The (Really Cruddy) Defenders of Equestria and LATE NIGHT; with the task of bringing Calliope Abroad back to life.

Coming soon to a thread near you!

Trivia Edit

-In the continuation, Wala's name will be changed to Walla.

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