About Calliope Abroad

Calliope Abroad is a NaNo Comic (the NaNoWrimo equivelent of a webcomic) created by Diz the Dizzy.

It stars the character Calliope, summoned by the gods to go to Earth and look for a set of magical crystals. She meets a goddess named Wala who controls the Australian sun, and the two go on adventures together.

However, the comic only lasted a few pages due to Diz having a mysterious thing known as a life.

The future of Calliope Abroad

Diz has entrusted ChristianPegasister and Sockrocks, both creators of other NaNo Comics by the titles of The (Really Cruddy) Defenders of Equestria and LATE NIGHT; with the task of bringing Calliope Abroad back to life.

Coming soon to a thread near you!


-In the continuation, Wala's name will be changed to Walla.

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