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CTT (Count to ten)

Count To Ten, often abbreviated as CTT, is a popular game on the NaNoWriMo YWP forums.


The basic format of the game is as follows. One user begins the count with "1", another user adds the next number ("2"), and it continues for as long as possible, with each new post adding a number with the aim of reaching ten or beyond. The challenge is that every so often, one of the moderators (typically RD) will post "Zero", and the count resets completely. The number reached rarely stays below ten, so often this can be incredibly frustrating when dozens or hundreds of posts are rendered futile by a single post from a moderator.


User: 1: 1

Other User: 2


User 1: Darn! Well, back to 1


The current record for highest count is supposedly somewhere around 3000, but this was prior to a wipe of all topics in that subforum, so no evidence has been found yet. The second highest is believed to be the CTT Thread 16's final count of 2506, achieved during an onslaught of spam which kept the moderators too busy to intervene.

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