Alexa Nicole joined NaNo in November, 2013. She was active on the forums for a few months, then came back to the forums in November, 2015. Alexa Nicole goes by Alex. She is a member of LWLOF, WDTHM, The Fiction Writer's Cabin, The Cloak-Wearers of NaNoWriMo, the Antisocial Club, the Songwriter's Club, and TASER. Alex created the Singers Club and the High Schoolers Club. She is a NaNoFruit and loves her Fruit family. Her NaNoSister is Nicole Birdy.

About Alex

Alex is a sixteen-year-old girl who loves to write, sing, act dance, and make friends. She has been writing since she was seven. Alex has written two completed novels and part of three novels. She is currently focusing on her 2013 NaNo Novel, The Trials of Tabitha, which she is editing and wants to publish. Alex also has her own YouTube channel, Alexandra Michelle, where she posts singing and piano videos. She loves musical theatre and will audition for any and all musicals and plays at her school. During the summer, Alex takes musical theatre camps when she has the opportunity.


Alex's role model is Princess Leia.

Alex loves Studio C. and Pretty Darn Funny.

Alex wants to be a writer and singer when she grows up.

Alex is in choir at her school.

Alex is learning Spanish and plans to be fluent by the end of high school.

Alex's favorite colors are pink, purple, and white.

Alex's birthday is in April.

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